Wechat Propagation Effects and Cold Thinking

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  【Abstract】The development of WeChat brings a new social way for everyone. The functions like official accounts, moments also satisfy peoples’ needs of getting more information. At the same time, these functions help peoples to shop or learn, bringing much more convenience to people’s life. However, there are some disadvantages of Wechat. We need to realize that, Wechat is only the social tool and it can not change the fate of any media or the organization.

【Key words】Wechat; Propagation effects; Cold thinking
Chapter One The occupation of real life space
With the popularity of Wechat, more and more people use it to read some news and articles, to chat with their families or workmates, to get the red envelope from the chat groups. All of these functions in Wechat fill up the amateur life for everyone. We can see that most people are busy to enjoy themselves using Wechat.
As people put more time in the Internet life, the time they put in real life is less. The problems like Wechataholic, phubbing caused by use Wechat in a long time has influenced peoples’ work, study and other aspects.
When the Wechat had not yet appeared, or people daily life had not been occupied by the virtual world, they spend much time sharing their happiness and other feelings about work, study or other things with their families. However, many users now ignore these details. They may spend one or two hour reading some articles rather than chat fifteen minutes with their parents and children.
Although Wechat’s occupation of real life is invisible, it dose affect people’s daily communication, especially the emotional sharing with their families, friends and workmates.
Chapter Two information explosion and excessive consumption
Wechat is not only an information exchange platform, but also one of the Internet marketing channels. With the payment function development, more and more people used to use Wechat to pay for something in real or virtual life.
Each of the companies want to seize the business opportunities in Wechat, and satisfy their users’ as much as possible. And as the new marketing channel, companies also can use the Wechat’s functions like subscriptions, moments for brand promotion, advertisement, product sales and maintaining public relations. However, this phenomenon has also cause some negative problems. Lower quality products, wanton dissemination of false information, consumer fraud, and other problems are not uncommon.
Chapter Three Network interpersonal randomness
In the Wechat, the network interpersonal communication, strange participants are in the different time and space, sometimes they even never meet each other. At the same time, the network personal communication is with concealment. That is to say, the network communicators and recipients may process their own images according to their own judgments on each other. Then, the judgments will influence the relationship between the two sides.
Because of the randomness, network communicators and recipients may be in different social environment, and they can’t judge the information from others based on the social knowledge and reserved knowledge, which increased the possibility that both communicating sides to lie or distort the facts objectively.
Chapter Four Highlight personal safety and health issues
It has become a common case to receive Wechat information anytime and anywhere. The propagation of Wechat messages break the limitation of time and space and brings people a wealth of information, making them free to receive information. Wechat bring convenience for human social communication, is an extension of human, but it is also harmful to human. For example, people has to bow to see Wechat, which caused a serious burder to peoples’ cervical vertebra. And some people even fall into the sewer or the deep groove accidentally because of reading Wechat crossing the road. In addition, many people often read some e-books, or talk to others with Wechat at night. However, when people read something under the dark light for a long time, it may cause some damages for their eyes, cervical vertebra and other organs.
Wechat brings the new social and marketing way, providing more opportunities for people to receive information from all over the world. But the development of Wechat also makes people lost in the virtual. Based on the above discussion, we can enjoy the convenience of Wechat, and we should face the disadvantages of it with an objective view.

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